Practical challenges in agro-horti-forestry

Some of the practical challenges involved in implementation of the agro-horti-forestry component of Wadi are as follows:

  • In a large project area, ensuring supply of inputs at the right time, in the right quantity, requires elaborate planning and coordination.
  • Open grazing of cattle, which is common in many tribal areas, is a big threat to young plants in Wadi plots. When there are many Wadi plots around a particular village, open grazing usually gets curbed by community initiative and pressure.
  • Accommodating 60 fruit trees in a 1-acre plot can be challenging if it has large forest-species trees. Existing trees will have to be trimmed regularly and saplings have to be planted away from canopies and root zones of large trees. 
  • In some areas with rich wildlife, animals like wild boars and deer can damage plantations. Fencing around the plots has to be strong and individual plants may also have to be fenced. Apart from keeping watch in the night, there are many harmless and innovative methods of protecting Wadi plots from animals, which are quite effective.

In some areas, individual saplings are fenced In some areas, individual saplings are fenced

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