Basic preventive health measures

Basic preventive health measures undertaken under Wadi relate to:

  • improving drinking water status, by repairing hand pumps, promoting cleanliness around hand pumps
  • imparting knowledge and kits for water purification at home
  • conducting health camps to detect and provide knowledge or remedial measures in relation to common ailments such as scabies, anaemia  and eye ailments
  • promoting simple, inexpensive, and appropriate technologies like soak pit, kitchen garden, and raised gardens for disposal of waste water and sewage
  • promoting various composting methods for disposal of solid waste
  • creating awareness about diseases that are spread through human waste
  • promoting personal hygiene habits
  • imparting basic knowledge of key reproductive health issues to adolescent girls and women

The health-related activities are conducted through trained village-level guides, or trained self-help group members. There is good scope for convergence with other health-related initiatives of government and non-government organisations.

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