Jackfruit: a good fruit tree choice for Central India

As demonstrated by Haribhau Doye, a Wadi plot-holder in Padampur, a small village close to Deori town of Gondia district in Maharashtra, jackfruit is a good fruit-tree choice for Central India.

  • Once established, the tree needs little aftercare. The tree is not affected seriously by any pests or diseases. Production is generally not affected by fluctuating weather conditions.
  • Unripe fruit, eaten as a vegetable, is available during summer season when supply of fresh vegetables is limited.
  • Ripe fruits have good market value.
  • The fruits are not damaged by monkeys, which are a major threat to fruit trees in Central India.

Doye, who has a mango orchard, planted 10 jackfruits on the bunds of his paddy fields in 1990. Encouraged by healthy growth of plants, he again planted 30 jackfruits in 1995. He raised his plants from the seeds of good quality fruits available then in Deori.

Jackfruit is a hardy tree with consistent yields Jackfruit is a hardy tree with consistent yields

Every year, he harvests about 400 to 500kg unripe jackfruits per tree that are sold @ Rs 10 to 15 per kg in local markets. Thus he earns about Rs 4000 per tree per year and can earn up to Rs 100,000 every year from the trees that demand little attention now.

The BAIF team in Central India has recognised the utility of this tree for nutritional security of tribal families. Efforts are being made to ensure that every tribal family associated with BAIF owns at least one jackfruit tree.

Jackfruit is not suitable for growing in areas with a large number of wild elephants, as the ripe fruits reportedly attract elephants.

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