Publications and Documentaries on WADI

Wadi Programme A Tree-Based Farming System User Guide
Techniques of developing wadi for sustainable livelihood
G.G. Sohani, Jyoti Desai, Yogesh Sawant, English, Hindi pp100 Rs.400 (English, Hindi)

Landscape Approach for Integrated Rural Development
BAIF - Dhruva Team, English, 24 pp, Rs. 50

Food for Work Forestry Programme
A study of a development prototype : A BAIF-DHRUVA-initiative
English 30pp Rs.50

Income Diversification through Underused Crops: The CoDI Experience:
Highlights the potential and challenges of underused crops.
English 26pp

Horticulture for Tribal Development:
BAIF's Story of Excellence
English 126pp Rs.120

Papers on Research, Thematic Areas and
Case Studies BAIF - 2011: Collection of scientific and technical papers

Post Harvest Management and Value Addition of Mango
Details of mango harvesting, grading, processing and marketing of processed products.
English pp30, Rs.200

Cashew Processing Operation Manual:
Covers technical and managerial aspects of value addition in cashew covering details from harvesting of cashew nuts to marketing.
English pp48, 200,


In the Footsteps of Gandhi : the Manibhai Desai and BAIF Story
Based on an interview of Late Dr. Manibhai Desai, the film highlights the development philosophy, mission and future plans of BAIF. 30 minutes, English,  Rs.100

Building from Below
Recipient of the National Award for ‘Best Agricultural Film' , this film depicts the unique approach and development strategy of BAIF. 30 minutes, English, Rs.100

Innovative approach for sustainable rehabilitation of tribals. 35 minutes, Hindi, DVD Rs.100

WADI to be Proud Of
Best practices of video series Part I, II, III 40 minutes, English, Hindi, Marathi CD Rs.300/each

Nursery Raising
Highlights nursery techniques and management. 20 minutes, English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati, Rs.100

Highlights techniques of Mango grafting. 19 minutes, English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati

Aftercare and maintenance of mango orchards. 15 minutes, English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati

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