Post-establishment stage

A Wadi project is run over a period of 5 to 7 years, from the pre-establishment stage, till the end of the establishment stage, when fruit trees reach maturity. At this juncture, the project attains financial closure.

However, Wadi plot-holders will continue to require support in the post-establishment period, including:

  • credit support for expanding Wadi plots, expanding land under improved agriculture, expanding or upgrading processing facilities, etc
  • technical support for maintaining and enhancing fruit production   
  • regular supply of inputs
  • marketing support

With proper hand holding during the project period, people’s organisations (POs) built under Wadi would be able to undertake these responsibilities on their own, with suitably qualified staff, or with the help of paid service-providers.

However, the implementing agency may have to provide guidance to POs for many years.

Long-term commitment and presence of the implementing agency in the project area is hence one of the prerequisites for a successful Wadi programme.

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