Safe measures for mango and cashew aftercare

The following safe measures are promoted in BAIF-Wadi plots for tackling common pest and disease problems in mango and cashew trees:

Pest/ disease Intensity of attack Period of attack Preventive measures Control measures
Leaf webber Medium Year round, severe during winter and summer Plant sanitation; physical removal  
Shoot borer Minor Sept to Oct Infested part removed physically and burnt Neemazole (2ml/l) & spot application of Acephate (2.5gm/l)
Leaf gall midge Minor Aug-Oct Pruning and burning of affected shoot Neemazole (2ml/lit)
Minor to medium Aug-Oct Spray of 1% Bourdeaus Spot application of Bavistin (1%)
Leaf eating caterpillar (cashew) Minor July-Sept Physical destructions of colonies Neem oil spray;
spray 0.15% of Acephate
Diaback (Cashew) Medium to major Aug-Sept Pruning and burning of affected part;
spray of 1% Bordeaux
Spot application/ spray/ drenching of Carbendezim (1 gm/l)

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