Multipurpose tree species (MPTS) for Wadi plots

Multipurpose tree species (MPTS) are trees that provide multiple benefits and serve multiple purposes. MPTS serve purposes like:

  • soil erosion control
  • shade and shelter, and
  • soil fertility improvement

and provide beneficial products like:

  • fodder and cattle feed
  • food
  • fuel wood
  • green manure
  • manure (oil cakes)
  • timber
  • pulp
  • tannin, gum
  • raw material for dyes, medicines, pesticides
  • posts and poles

MPTS can be grown on farm bunds, along boundaries and in degraded areas of the farm. Generally MPTS are hardy and grow well without special care in suitable agro-climatic conditions.

MPTS grown in BAIF-Wadi plots include teak, drumstick, guava, custard apple, bamboo, varieties of acacia, eucalyptus, gliricidia  and subabul. In Bihar, mahua has been planted;  in Maharashtra, shivan (Gmelina arborea). Karanj (Pongamia pinnata) has been planted in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Casuarina, siris, shisham and Cassia semia have also been planted in Karnataka. 

View listing of MPTS for various agro-climatic conditions.

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