Planting saplings

After pit digging and filling in summer, planting of saplings is done at the onset of regular rains. Saplings of fruit and MPTS trees are distributed in advance. The saplings should meet planting material quality standards.

Saplings are removed from their plastic bags carefully, by cutting the bag, such that the soil remains intact, with the roots of the plant.

Required soil from the centre of the dug-up and filled pit is removed and the sapling is planted in the cavity. Care is taken that the earth of ball around the root system is not disturbed and the end of the root is not bent.

In case of the grafts, the point where the rootstock and the scion are joint should be about 6 inches above the soil surface. If this portion is left below the soil, there is a likelihood of the plant getting infested by pests or diseases.

If planting is done in other seasons, the pit is watered before planting.

The sapling is supported with an `H’ type stake. A basin with a ring is made around each plant, for application of fertilisers. Green mulching is done in the basins.

If there is a break in rains after planting, saplings are watered every 4 to 5 days during the first month and later at intervals of 8-10 days.

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