Preparing Wadi plot layouts

The figure below shows a layout for planting different types of trees in a Wadi plot of 1-acre.

Model layout of a Wadi plotModel layout of a Wadi plot

Layouts of plots will vary according to size and shape of plot, contours, source of water, types of existing trees and trees chosen for plantation, etc.

Below are basic guidelines for preparing a Wadi plot layout:

  • Fruit trees should be in rows across the slope so that soil and water conservation structures will be along a contour.
  • Adequate space should be kept between trees, according to number of trees, needs of selected species and soil fertility. For example, minimum distance between mango trees should generally be 10m, and distance between mango and MPTS-forestry trees should be 5m. Distance between cashew trees should be 7m and distance between cashew and other trees should be 1m. Distance between MPTS can be 1m only.  
  • MPTS should be at some distance from the plot boundary, in two zigzag rows to act as a wind break.
  • Plants with high requirement of nutrients, like mango, should be in the lower side of the plot, which has greater soil depth.
  • Species proposed on the lower side should not be vulnerable to waterlogging.
  • Trees should not be planted under electricity lines.

At least 400 MPTS saplings can be planted along the boundaries of a Wadi plot. Another 400 to 600 saplings can be planted on bunds,  if space and budget permits.

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